sustainable development

Best quality

Innovative product

Care for
the environment

Labor safety

Georgian Cement Company was founded in 2012. The management group is staffed by professionals who
want to introduce innovation and high standards. In 2015 GCC established a partnership with
French giant Lafarge,  global leader in building materials that owns unique knowledge and experience.

The company founders have great experience in the construction materials sector in Georgia. The Company aims to satisfy the interest of the ordinary user as well as the creation of specific products that will be focused on any customer request. The company comprises expertise, modern technology and international partnerships, that creates unrivalled opportunities in construction materials industry. The aim of the company is to create a value-added product by means of modern technology and support sustainable construction.

We believe that the development of the country is an inevitable process. We see challenges ahead of
the country and we believe that every new construction, infrastructural or energy project is a unique
way to speed up the country’s progress. We want to make out contribution in Georgias reconstruction.

Our vision is based on:

  • Sustainable development of business
  • High quality production
  • Creating an innovative product
  • Working in accordance of ecological standards
  • Promotion of employee’s professional growth and self-development;
  • protection of health and safety of factory personnel

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We share the values ​​of our partner “LafargeHolcim”, which is guided by the following principle -zero damage to customers. The company’s priorities are: health, safety for employees, contractors and partners, creating an environment based on security, to avoid any unpleasant incident.

The company is actively implementing a global health and safety management system that aims to constantly improve productivity and prevent risks. The purpose of the program is to establish an operational discipline based on the principles of safe work.

Scientific research works are the cornerstone on which innovations of “LafargeHolcim” is based. The largest research center in the industry and the regional laboratory network in key regions contributes to the company’s research activities. Thanks to the most modern research resources, “LafargeHolcim” has created an innovative concrete and service range. Their goal is to assist and support construction workers in CO2 reduction, energy efficient constructions, cost and construction time reduction and increase in labor productivity.


European Standard EN 197-1 (ISO)

Lafarge Holcim

LH Group

“LafargeHolcim” was created in 2015 by the merger of the French “Lafarge” and Swiss “Holcim”, two unconditional leaders of the construction sector. Lafarge Holcim is the leader in the building materials industry and the innovator who serves workers, builders, architects and engineers around the world. The company is represented in 90 countries and is one of the main players in cement, inert materials and concrete field, that promotes full spectrum construction, including home and large infrastructural projects. The company employs over 115,000 employees and owns over 2500 factories across the world, including over 1600 concrete and more than 200 full cycle cement factories.

About Factory

The construction of the factory began in September 2015. During construction process, Georgian side as well as French side and Swiss specialists were actively involved. At the same time, our company employees were having internships and trainings in the factories of “LafargeHolcim”, in different countries of Europe and Asia. The construction process was successfully completed in January 2017, and the launching process started in August 2017 

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