GOST 26633-91

# Class of concrete Concrete grade Concrete strenght Slump retention
1 B7.5 M100 10 S4
2 B12.5 M150 15 S4
3 B15 M200 20 S4
4 B20 M250 25 S4
5 B22.5 M300 30 S4
6 B25 M350 35 S4
8 B30 M400 40 S4
9 B35 M450 45 S4
10 B40 M550 50 S4
11 B45 M600 55 S4
    • Concrete is an artificial stone material, which is produced by cement, inert aggregates, water and chemical admixtures. It has a very strong grip with steel rebar, both have approximately the same longitudinal expansion factors and it keeps the bar from corrosion. Nowadays concrete is the most widely spread building material. First trace of concrete-like product is discovered BC 6500 years.

  • High resistant reinforced concrete structures: foundations slabs, bearing columns and walls, floor slabs;
  • Highways;
  • Bridges and tunnels;
  • Pavements;
  • Lean concrete.