CEM II/A-L 42,5R

Use of product
    • Production of concrete of high hardness (B 25 class and above), arrangement of
      massive foundations and monolithic constructions of external walls
    • Conduct a wide range of construction / repair works
    • Production of small-scale merchandise (tile, bordering and other), as well as
      concrete, designing artwork (furniture and decor elements) made in concrete
    • Allows to reduce the timeframe of the pattern removal, increase the motion of the
      pattern while making small items, reduce construction periods without reducing the
      quality of the construction.
  • High early resistance to the compression (22-24 Mpa for 2 days – which is on
    average 10-12 mp higher than the minimum required by a strongly reinforced
    cement standard with given class strength). High ultimate hardness on the 28th
    day of compression, which value is several mpa higher than the standards
    specified for 42,5 class cement.
  • When working with a mixture of concrete solution, the convenience of high tension
    and uniformity
  • Improved user-friendly characteristics and ability to retain features over time
  • Easy distribution of the concrete mixture on the whole volume of the pattern
  • High surface attachment during plastering works
  • Low hydration temperature, maintaining high final hardness
  • Ecologically pure cement
Health and safety

The chemical composition of the cement is in full compliance with sanitary-
epidemiological regimen in terms of harmful substances requiring the quality of the given
building material.

When working with cement it is necessary to avoid contact with eyes and skin, do not
inhale dust and use appropriate protective clothing, gloves, eyes and face protectors.