Use of product
  • Durable concrete production of high solidity (B 25 grades and above).
  • Arranging of massive foundations and creation of monolithic constructions of external walls.
  • Conducting a wide range of construction / repair works.
  • Production of miniature items (tile, sodium and other), as well as production of design artworks (furniture and decor elements) from concrete.
  • Allows to reduce the timing of the mold, increase the turnover of the molds while making small items, reduce the construction periods without reducing quality.
  • High resistance to the compression (22-24 MPa for 2 days, which is of 10-12 MPa more than the average required minimum of fast reinforced cement standard).
  • High ultrasonic hardness on the 28th day of compression, with several MPAs exceeding standards established for 42,5 cements.
  • The convenience of high tension and uniformity, when combined with a mixture of concrete solution
  • Convenient application and preservation of quality over time.
  • Easy distribution of the concrete mixture on the whole volume of the mold.
  • High gripping during plastering.
  • Low hydration temperature, maintaining high solidity.
Health and safety

The chemical composition of the cement content of harmful substances is according to required sanitary-epidemiological standards. While working with cement, avoid eye and skin contact, do not inhale dust and use appropriate protective clothing, gloves, eyes and face protection.