Use of product

Cement of high hardness that is suitable for high marks of concrete and ensures early removal of the pattern. It is used to build roads, runways, bridges, high buildings.
This product is distinguished with a low amount of alkaline content, which is very important for concrete production. Since alkaline promotes the corrosion of cement stone and later the formation of cracks, it is recommended to reduce the amount of alkaline in cement to 0.6-1,0%, which is fully satisfied with this product.

Product features
  • The higher early hardness – average 28 mpa in the compression. This figure
    exceeds the minimum standard requirement by 5 mpa in two days.
  • High ultimate hardness – 57 mp on average compression. This value is
    higher than the minimum requirement by 14,5 mpa in 28 days.
Health and safety

The chemical composition of the cement is in full compliance with sanitary- epidemiological standards in the context of harmful substances that are
required for the quality of the given building material